Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Bevy of Cake Activity!

So starts the next flurry of cake show activity!

I'm telling you, my life is either completely boring or so packed it's crazy!

Here's what going on for the next few months:
Feb 4-5: Cake show in NJ, dropping off a birthday cake to my cousin in CT on the way own Fri morning
Feb 12th: Another cousin's kid's birthday, this time in NH
Feb19-20: Cake weekend with friends
Feb 26: Connecticut Cake Show, Hartford CT
Feb 27: ICES Mtg in VT, that I may or may not go to.  If not, the cake show in CT continues today also.
March 5th: Cake for friend's son's birthday party, here at home
March 10-13: ICES Mid Year Meeting in Reno, NV
March 19-20: ICES Meeting in Tewksbury, MA
March 26-27: National Capital Cake Show in Annandale VA
April 30-May 1: Great American Cake Show in Westminster MD

Not entering a cake in CT, I don't think I have enough time.  Entering a cake in VA, but not sure what I'm doing yet.  Entering a wedding cake in MD, have the idea all set in my head, but have to start working on it.

As per the last competition, I'll post updates on how things are going according to my plan, but will not be posting any pictures throughout the process, lest one of the judges be reading this.  I will type up a post each day with that days shenanigans, but will refrain from publishing it until the competition is over.  Sorry for that, but since the judges are supposed to be impartial, and you never know who is reading your blog, I feel that I have to act accordingly.

Is your life crazy right now?


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