Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The end is in sight!!!!!!

So, I actually got quite a bit accomplished last night on the cakes!

I got the borders on all the cakes piped, as well as the side decorations for one of them.  I also got the topper finished too!  In trying to get as much done last night as possible, I put the ribbons on the cake boards (I usually leave this for the last step).  I also got what I could packed up (flowers, table decorations, etc).

I just wrote out a to-do list for what is left, and there isn't much!

- Embellish borders (had to wait for last night's borders to dry)
- Box up cakes (two) for transport
- Iron tableclothes and figure out how to transport wrinkle-free
- Pack the rest of the cake stuff for the show
- Pack clothes and suitcase
- Pack non-perishable food

- Clean out car and remove back seats
- Pack everything into the car
- Assemble perishable food in refrigerator
- SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!

- Get up early, lol
- Pack food into cooler and put in car
- Go have fun! :)


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