Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Princess Cake

I did a Princess themed birthday cake for another cousin's daughter around the beginning of March.  I had gone to the toy store and found some Princess tiara's, jewelry, etc... .that I thought was adorable.  I decided to make the cake in the shape of a pillow, and then sit the jewelry, etc... on top of it.

I first baked two 12" square cakes, then leveled, torted and filled them.  Then used a bread knife to shape the cake into something close to pillow shaped, lol.

The birthday girl loves bright pinks and purples and "girly colors."   So, I frosted the cake in hot pink buttercream.  Then decided to put some ruffles on it, like a pillow.  I also had purchased sparkly piping gel and used that to decorate the top as well.

Once I got to the party, I placed the Princess jewelry onto the cake, then put the candles in and lit the candles.  I thought that leaving the piping gel to dry overnight would dry it enough that it wouldn't stick to the plastic toys.  I was wrong!  It was a whole lot of fun cleaning the piping gel off of the jewelry and tiara, lol!

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