Wednesday, March 30, 2011

National Capital Area Cake Show

As you noticed, from one of my previous posts today, I went down to Virginia to another cake show.  This one was held in Annadale, VA at the Northern Virginia Community College.  It seemed to be a great venue, much better than the high school it was at last year.

I, of course, did not go all by myself.  My trusty sidekick, JEM, and I both went.  We planned to spend the day on Friday in DC, so we left home on Thursday morning.  We made excellent time (considering we went over the GWB, lol) and were in Virginia, in the hotel a mere 9 hrs later!!!  (Sure beats the 12hrs it took us last year!)  We, again, got some audio-books to listen to on the trip.  This time we got them from the library.  We rented a couple of books that we have already read, figuring if we zoned out, lost track, etc.... it wouldn't matter, lol.  We got Three to Get Deadly by Janet Evanovich and Four to Score, also by Janet Evanovich.  We didn't quite finishe the first on by the time we got to Virginia, but finished it before we headed home on Monday.  We didn't get to finished the second book on the way home, but have a month before it's due back at the library, so I'm sure we'll get to finish it by then, lol.   A word to the wise........these books are NOT appropriate for children!!!!!   I'm not going to elaborate...if you need to know why go ahead and read them, lol!

The cake show was Saturday and Sunday, with the awards ceremony on Sunday afternoon.  I entered one cake (as shown in a previous post), and JEM entered four cakes - one decorated (Beginner) and three tasting cakes.  I'm happy to say that I won a First Place ribbon for my cake, and JEM won a Second Place ribbon for her decorated cake and a Third Place ribbon for her pound cake.

Here is my decorated cake:

and here is JEM's!
There were many cool features on the cakes this year.  Here are some of the pictures I took, with my commentary on them :)
 Gorgeous flowers!!

These are all made from Chocolate Clay!

This bow looked REAL!  It's so clean!

Love the lace points!

Very nice veining on the rose petals!

LOVED how they made it look like the back of a dress!

Gorgeous color on these roses!

Love the look of rose petals 'floating' on the cake

The pic is a little distorted, but the brush embroidery is fabulous!

LOVE the tufting of the fondant!!

Like the hand painted grass on this cake

Exquisite extension work - what's not to love????  The piping is so fine too!

The colors on this cake are absolutely stunning!!  (Doesn't hurt that blue is my favorite color, lol)

Another cake that stole my heart - Mickey Mouse!!!!

This cake was painted in BUTTERCREAM!   I was amazed!!!

Oriental Stringwork is always amazing to look at!

The shades of color on these flowers make them look almost ethereal!

This cake was just sooooo cute!!!!


  1. We did pretty good for ourselves didn't we? What a fun time it was :-)

  2. I loved your Nirvana cake. Some day I want to learn that. Congrats on the first place. Well deserved!

  3. Yes, JEM, we did do quite good!! Thank you Trevor! It's the first Nirvana cake I've done in competition, and only the second one I've ever done (the first was in a class). I've done top and bottom collars before, but not the side panels.