Saturday, April 2, 2011


So, it should be no surprise to anyone that knows me, this next competition cake is going to be heavy on the flowers.  I LOVE gumpaste flowers, and feel that I am pretty good at them.  I recently took a class on dusting flowers, and was amazed at the difference using more than one or two shades of color on the same flower can make!!

These are the flowers from the class I took (and they ALL started out WHITE, except the leaf):

I have typed up a list of all the flowers (and colors of those flowers) that I am planning to make for my cake.  It is quite a daunting list!!!  There are almost a thousand individuals flowers that I'm going to be making - small flowers, regular flowers, buds, leaves, etc..  There are thirteen varieties of flowers, in a multitude of colors.  I have a feeling they are not all going to fit on the cake, in that case I'll have quite a few leftover competition-worthy flowers! 

I have decided, rather to write up a blog post for each day of working on the flowers, that I would write one up on each flower I am making.  There are other elements to the cake besides just the flowers, and there will be posts on each of those elements too!  The cake show is the end of April so, unfortunately, you'll have to wait until then to see them - but rest assured I am writing them as I work on the flowers!!


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