Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cake Pics from VA

It's been a few days.....been at the cake show, and recovering from the cake show, lol.

Here are the pictures of the cakes I entered in the show:

This is the Zodiac cake.  The zodiac symbols (on the side of the cake) are cross-stitched onto fondant plaques.  The top has a run-sugar 3-dimensional sun surrounded by the zodiac constellations. 

This cake won an Honorable Mention ribbon!

 This is the Rose cake.  It is a hexagon cake dummy covered in black fondant.  The roses on the sides are piped embroidery that was piped onto fondant cut to the shape of the flowers.  The roses on top are gumpaste, and then dusted with red.  The lines piped around the top were done with tips 0, 1 and 1.5, some stacked/piped on top of others.

This cake won a 3rd Place Ribbon!!!

 The trip down to Virginia and back was full of hilarious moments.  We rented another Book on CD for the trip home, but it wasn't nearly as funny or entertaining as the one we had on the way down.  We didn't even finish listening to it, lol.

On to my next project - cake meeting this weekend.  I am making cookies to give as favors at the meeting.  That is tomorrow's adventure - icing the cookies.  I leave Friday morning to head out to Western Mass, and have tons to do before then, lol.

Off to get some sleep so I can get up bright and early tomorrow :)