Monday, March 15, 2010

Spending spending spending........does it ever end??

Hi all!  I've been busy here getting ready for the trip to Virginia.  Janet and I have each purchased some yummy road trip food and drinks (no alcohol, we're driving!).  Why do we buy snacks and drinks?  It's a misguided attempt at thinking we won't have to stop for snacks and drinks, only actual meals.  It is severely misguided by the way, lol.  We still manage to stop for plenty of snacks along the way, lol.  It is nice, however, to know they are there, and we do eat them :).  I have also been purchasing some much-needed maintenance for my car (along with those pesky things called tires).  So, I am a little bit poorer now than I was this morning, lol (ok ok, a LOT poorer).  However, we can travel safe with the knowledge that not only will we make it safely to Virginia, but also back home :).'re all probably wondering about the cakes I bet.  One of them is done (YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), the other will be done tomorrow (WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!).  Thanks to my bestest idea person, the finished cake is awesome looking!  You're probably all wondering why I'm not readily posting pictures and details about these cakes.  Well, it's like this.  There is the possibility of someone I know being a judge at this cake show, and although judges are supposed to be impartial, I feel it would be wrong to blatantly tell her which cakes are mine.  I have no idea if she reads this blog, but the link is in all my emails, so it's possible.  I will freely share details and pics about the cakes once the show is over this weekend!

What did you spend your money on today?


  1. You're driving! I can drink all I want hahahaha

  2. hahahahahahaha until it's you're turn to drive :P