Monday, March 8, 2010

Hello World!

Hello to everyone out there in cyberspace!  I'm not so sure how many people are reading/will end up reading this blog, but I thought it would be fun to share my cake hijinx with the world.  My friends and family enjoy hearing about them, so I figured someone else might too.  Hey, you might even learn something, who knows!  (Or I will from your comments, lol).

A little background on me............
I started decorating birthday cakes for friend's kid's birthdays about 10 years ago.  Then decided to take some cake decorating classes (yes, the ones at the craft store :) )  [Beware, I love to use smileys - and this thing apparently doesn't have them, so you're all going to have to bear with me, cause I'm gonna end up using them anyway. :)]  My first classes were about 4 years ago (my god, has it only been 4 years?!?!)  That's where this cake decorating adventure really started. 

Four years and a whole lot of money (I don't even want to IMAGINE how much) later, here I am today.  I have a bedroom, part of a kitchen, half a living room and half a dining room that currently houses all my amassed cake "shtuff" (hey, I'm trying to keep this family friendly!).  I am actually scared (terrified maybe?) of the thought of even trying to add up what I've spent on this shtuff the last four years!  I entered my first competition waaaaaaaaaaay back in 2007.  With my ever-faithful and not-easy-to-scare cake side-kick, Janet. (She is also my go-to idea lady!!) She has pre-empted many a meltdown, and probably witnessed just as many.  (Go read her blog about food and kitchen hijinx!  Or just click on her name up there, lol.)  Have I mentioned yet that I have a temper?  Oh well, you'll see soon enough the trouble it gets me into (and the money it ends up costing me, lol).  :D

She has been brave enough to go to three competitions with me for moral support (she even entered one!).  We're going to another one in a few weeks down in VA.  We leave in 10 days (OMG!!!!!!!!), and so far, all is on track.  She's entering some fabulously delicious cakes in five (Yes, FIVE!!) tasting categories - Good luck to my friend!!!!!!!!!

Keep checking back for daily (I hope!) updates on my latest cake hijinx!  More about the VA competition tomorrow.  There's only so much I can type this late at night, plus I'm getting tired and I keep having to fix typo's, lol.

Don't be alarmed that this post is so late at night, I'm sure there will be many more that are later than this (or early, depends on your point of view I guess, lol).  I am a night owl, always have been always will be, lol. 

[Insert witty catchphrase here] (Hey, I said it's late, how much do you expect me to think?)