Monday, March 15, 2010

A Glimpse Into My Crazy Life

A mere 84 hours from now, Janet and I will be well on our way to Virginia for the National Capital Area Cake Show, with a bevy of cakes in the car, their aromas assaulting our olfactory glands.  Thankfully, after a half hour we won't be able to smell them anymore!  lol

So, you're all probably wondering how the cakes are going.  I wasn't able to work on them yesterday (went to my Cousin's to do their taxes - yes I am multi-talented), and had to drop the car off to have some work done (want to make sure we make it to Virginia and back home!) today.  Rain - I hate rain (but it's better than snow).  I had absolutely no motivation to do any work on the cakes today, but I persevered and got some done.  Covered a cake board and piped some detail on my zodiac cake.  Hopefully I can get them all done tomorrow.  I'm dying to see them finished!!

Once the cakes are done, I have cookies to make! No, not for the competition, for the spring meeting of the cake group I'm in.  I have volunteered to make cookies to hand out at the meeting as a little thank you for attending.  They are going to be spring-themed (flowers).  I am also giving a 10-15minute demo on how to decorate them.  The icing will need time to harden, so I need to bake them before we leave, so I can ice them when I get back.  Did I mention I'm doing 80 of them?  Did I also mention that I leave for the meeting a mere 4 days after returning from Virginia?  Well, I do, lol.  I also have baskets to make up so we can raffle them off.  Not too much to do, lol.  Fortunately I will have time this weekend to write up my demo.

 As of all this isn't enough, I've also been working on planning and researching information for my wedding cake entry for Great American Cake Show the first weekend of May in Westminster, MD.  Each year they pick a theme for the wedding cake competition, and your cake has to be decorated within the theme.  This year's theme is "Wedding Cakes Across America".  The idea is to pick a state (any state, not necessarily the one you live in) and decorate a wedding cake such that the state is recognizable from the cake.  I have my state picked out, and have been spending a few months researching all kinds of stuff about the state I picked.  I can confidently say that I know more about the state than I ever thought I would, haha.

You'll all be able to follow me on my journey to create this cake, it will be starting in about a week or so.  There are quite a few techniques on the cake that I haven't really tried before, so it should be quite entertaining, lol.

That's all for tonight, I need sleep if I expect to finish the cakes tomorrow.

How crazy is your life?

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