Friday, January 7, 2011

Rubber Duckyyyyyyyyyyyy, You're the Oneeeeeeeeeeee

Now that I have that song stuck in your head (LOL), these ducky's most certainly will not make bath time so much fun!

I started out my coloring the icing to flood the ducky's and teddy bears with.  I got as far as the yellow, brown and orange and ran out of white icing......... No problem....I decided to make more as I needed it.

I then noticed that the cookies needed some cleaning up before flooding them.  I used my fingernails to knock off the extra dough that was on the edges. 

They looked much better afterwards!

I had 55 ducky's to flood.  I got all the beaks done (orange) and all the ducky's outlined.  I felt it would be neater and cleaner to outline the cookie first, and then fill it in.  I got almost all of the ducky's done (approx 40) and ran out of yellow icing!  UGH!  So, in order to procrastinate before making more, I decided to clean off all the teddy bear cookies (hey, it had to be done sometime, right?).  I then mixed the leftover orange icing into the brown icing, and it actually improved it!  The brown now looks much more like 'teddy bear' than 'poo', lol.

So then I decided to take a break to give my wonderful black lab some much needed attention, and to have dinner.  After dinner, I made two more batches of icing, and colored some to match the yellow I was using before (not an easy feat....lemon yellow, egg yellow and orange).  I also added some more white to the brown, to increase the quantity, and it also helped the color some too.  This brown just keeps getting better and better!  If I didn't need the yellow for other stuff, I might mix the leftover of that in too, lol!

After coloring the additional icing, I sat down to pipe the last 15 ducky's........and managed to get 4 done before my hand wouldn't work anymore.  I don't know if the icing is thicker, or my hand just liked the break, but it refused to work anymore.  It physically hurt to squeeze the piping bag, it was not cool at all!

Here's what a sea of ducky cookies, half finished, look like!

So, I called it a night and decided to veg out with the tv and the computer!  Lucky for all of you, I also decided to type up a blog post :)  

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