Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sometimes it's a struggle.............

Ever start making a flower and realize you really don't like making it????   Yeah.....well......that happened today, lol.  I could only make 1/3 of what I had planned to - will have to try to finish them tomorrow :)

I have two of the varieties that I am planning to make, all done!!!!   They look awesome, and haven't even been dusted yet - can't wait!!

Contrary to how I usually "attack" a show cake, I have not written up a timeline for getting everything done.  I don't know why, I just haven't.  I usually do one for every show cake I do.  I start with a very comprehensive, detailed list of what needs to be done for EVERY element in a cake/showpiece, and then decide how much can be done in a day, etc....   I think one of the reasons I haven't done that yet for this cake, is I'm really not sure how long it takes me to make flowers.  Oh well....I am starting on them, and that's the important part!


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