Monday, September 5, 2011

Ahoy Matey!!!!!!!

I was asked to do a Pirate-themed birthday cake....a pirate ship if I could swing it.  So...I went off to iParty to see what type of pirate-y things they had (Yes, I think I made up a word there, lol).  I found a package of pirate things (skeletons, cannons, treasure box, barrells, etc..) and also some individual pirates.  So I bought an assortment and headed home.

I ended up using the small oval Wilton pans for the ship, since it did not need to feed a lot of people.  I baked, cooled and stacked the cake, then cut/carved them into a ship shape.  Buttercream was requested (rather than fondant), so I did an interpretation of the basket weave method of piping.  I then placed the pirate items around the ship.  Since pirate ships don't reside on land, I colored some piping get blue and spread it around the cake to resemble water.  I put some skeletons in the water, as well as a rowboat with the treasure in it!

The recipient LOVED the cake!!!!  Here are some pictures of the finished cake:


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