Monday, September 5, 2011

Christening Dresses

One of my best friends had her daughter's Christening in June.  She asked if I would make her cake, and I of course said yes!  I was also asked to be her Godmother!  I am sooooo excited!!!!

We talked about cake ideas, and settled on one that looked like her Christening dress.  I baked sheet cakes for the basic dress, then carved the cakes to get a dress shape.  The cake was white cake with a raspberry filling.  I mixed Polaner All Fruit Raspberry into my regular buttercream recipe for the filling - it was sooooooooo delicious!!!!!!!!!

I put the cake together, covered it in fondant and dusted to look like the dress.  It needed something else, so I added some of my leftover flowers from a previous competition to the cake.  They were just what it needed!

Here are pictures of the finished cake:


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