Monday, September 5, 2011

A Stunning Wedding in July

I was asked a while ago (I think in January) by a friend of mine if I could do her wedding cake.  I of course said 'yes', I love doing wedding cakes!  We talked extensively via email, and as the day drew nearer, we met in person to go over flowers, colors, etc....  I brought some of my flowers to show her and we decided on the type of flowers (dendrobium orchids and tea cup roses) and the colors (teal-ish orchids and pink-ish roses).

So, I set about making the flowers.  The dendrobium orchids weren't so bad, I had the cutters for them and made the flowers.

I also made the tea cup roses, but unfortunately didn't take any pictures of them, lol.  I ended up using a wire with a floral tape bud on the end of it and the smallest 5 petal cutter in the PME cutter set.  Next time, I would use a slightly larger floral tape bud than the one that I used, but they turned out gorgeous!

After they were all dry, I dusted them.  The orchids were dusted on the edges with a teal blue, and the roses with a pale pink.

Here's a close up of the top of the cake - you can see the dusted tea cup roses and dendrobium orchids:

I taped the flowers into a long lei-type vine and draped them around the cake, starting at the top.  There were also smaller accent cakes that went with the big one.  Those got a small spray of one orchid and one tea cup rose.  For the sprays, I used some white and teal 1/8" ribbon and made some cute loops and taped them with the flowers.

Here is one of the smaller accent cakes:

The main cake was three layers, with alternating ribbon patterns around the bottom of the cakes.  The bride requested real ribbon, so that's what I used.  I took the color sample with me to the craft store, and luckily found the right color first shot!

I had wanted to elevate the main wedding cake and kind of have the accent cakes almost "under" the main cake.  I started thinking on how I could do that.  I ended up taking two 10" styrofoam round cake dummies, taped them together to get a height of 8".  I then draped some white satin material over them, followed by some sparkly teal fabric that I happened to have laying around the house (amazing, isn't it?  lol).

Here are some pictures of the finished cake and table all set up:

Let me tell a cake's pretty tough to impress yourself with a cake you've done.  Believe when I say, I finished the cake table, put my stuff away and grabbed my camera.  I turned around to take a picture and was absolutely STUNNED at how gorgeous the cake and table looked!

The last two pictures (and the one of the top of the cake earlier in the post) were sent to me by the bride.  It was so bright outside that day, that my camera just didn't take very nice pictures.  In her email with the pictures she also thanked me.  With her permission I am sharing what she wrote.  It just makes me, as a cake decorator, love what I do so much more when I get thanks like this from someone!

Thank you so much for everything you did! The cake was PERFECT! And there wasn't a single complaint from the peanut gallery. The fondant, icing, and all the cakes tasted fantastic! It was so pretty, I just couldn't have pictured it differently. If you didn't know the flowers were sugar, you wouldn't be able to tell till you touched them. Unbelievable.

So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you thank you thank you so much for everything.


  1. What a beautiful cake and stunning presentation!
    Deb R

  2. Hi Chelle! I found your blog through your Cake Central posts. Your cakes are beautiful! You especially did a great job with those flowers - those orchids are fantastic!