Monday, September 5, 2011

Baby Shower "Cake"

Did you notice the "" around the word Cake in the title?   Well......there's a very good reason for that.  CakeCrazy and I decided to surprise our friend and show up the morning of the baby shower to help set up and everything.  We knew if we told her, she'd tell us not to come to help.  So, we decided to just show up, lol.

We didn't want to show up empty-handed, and wanted to get something for the mom-to-be.

We decided....since we are cake artists, why not a Diaper Cake!

We went out shopping to get the necessary supplies, then headed back to Cake Crazy's house to put it together.

We first had rolled all the diapers into cylinders, and held them together with hair elastics:

We then used a bottle as the center and 41 diapers surrounding it to make up the bottom layer.  The middle layer consisted of 21 diapers and the top layer had 7 diapers around another bottle.

Cake Crazy had some plastic trays, and I had some tuk-n-ruffle (stop gagging! lol), so we created a pretty plate to put the diaper cake on:

We tried to be create with the items we had purchased.  For instance....Cake crazy figured out how to fold and roll some socks into roses and green ribbon into leaves!

Here is the final cake that we came up with:


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  1. Cake Crazy and Chelle about brought me to tears with their gorgeous diaper cake! What wonderful friends! I know they put their harts into it as well as a lot of effort because it certainly shows! This is THE the most festive diaper cake I have ever seen. Both Mom and Grandma (me) LOVED it! This photo doesn't do it justice! Gotta Love you both!
    Super Tight Hugs,
    Deb R