Monday, September 5, 2011

Flower Cupcakes

Since we did not attend the baby shower for our friend's daughter, we decided to throw a small "Grandma Shower" for our friend.  We had been meeting pretty regularly for lunches, so for one of them, we decided it would be a shower, lol.

Rather than make a cake for only 5 of us, I decided instead to do some cupcakes.  I used purple and piped a generic flower on it, and then piped some leaves on it.   I found some cute basket-type cupcake papers at a local cake store.  The handles didn't really end up looking that nice, so I just used the wrapper part.



  1. The daughter of one of the CT ICES Members, with whom Cake Crazy and I are friends. I'd rather not put her name on here, I'll text you :)