Friday, December 10, 2010

..........and it continues...........

Today's plan was to get up fairly early (at least for me, lol) and spend the day baking.  Once I got up and had breakfast, I realized I needed to attend to my duties as head of the cake club that I belong too.  Once I was done with everything I could do today, it was 2pm and I was hungry for lunch, lol.  So, I had lunch and proceeded to mix up the first cake to be baked today - raspberry cake.  It was a recipe I found online that started with a box white cake mix.  Yes....I bake with box mixes.  It's a personal choice, and I'm quite happy with it.  Mixed up and baked the raspberry cakes.  They came out great!  I tasted a small bite of it, and was shocked at how good it tasted.  Once it cooled, I proceeded to crumble it up in my Kitchen Aid in preparation for making cake truffles.

I then had to go out and pick up my car, and while out had dinner, lol.  Got home and baked the cakes I need for the weekend for a celebration cake for my cousin's wife.  So, I mixed up an baked the lemon cakes (added a few drops of lemon oil to the mix for an extra boost), let them cool and packaged them up to keep them fresh until tomorrow when I decorate it.  By this time it was close to midnight, and I called it a night, lol.

Tomorrow's plan is to roll all the cake truffles in preparation for dipping them.  Hopefully I can get around to dipping them also, but I don't think that's going to happen.  I have the party on Saturday, so hopefully they will get dipped on Sunday.  I'm busy for part of Monday, so next week I am planning on getting the 6 varieties of cookies baked, 2 batches of caramel made and 5 varieties of pet goodies made. 

Happy caking!


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