Friday, December 24, 2010

Slowly but Surely!

Well, started this morning by getting some ganache I made on Tuesday, out of the fridge to roll truffles with.  Turns out the ganache was too stiff, so I let it sit out on the counter and decided to put together my gift baskets.  I found these great Christmas themed metal pails at Christmas Tree Shops to use, and some red basket filler.  I got most of the baskets put together, but needed to finish my cocoa cones before the baskets would be done.  I also had the caramels to put in the baskets, but decided to "sprinkle" them into the basket, rather than tie them into a baggie.

So, I started making the cocoa cones and ran out of piping bags to do them with, and would have run out of marshmallows.  So, they got put on hold until I could get to the store.  By this time it was close to 2:30 and I had to get ready to head out.  Took my friend's kids out shopping to buy their parents a small gift for Christmas.  Since I forgot about the truffles until that point, I brought them with me to do at her house, lol.

Got the truffles all done and headed home after dinner.  Got home and realized I forgot to buy more marshmallows (did get the bags however!).  Also realized I need a cake mix for some cupcakes for Sunday.  That's the day I'm getting together with my friend, Muffin, and her family to celebrate Christmas.  There were also a few other things I needed, and weighed the pros and cons of heading out to Walmart at 9:30pm on Dec 23rd versus 9:30am on Dec 24th.

Dec 23rd won out.  So, I headed back out to the store.  Well.....I wasn't the only one with the same idea!!  The parking lot was mobbed, and by the looks of the carriages in the parking lot, there were none in the store.  So, I found a parking space and took a cart in with me.  I quickly located the items I needed and ended up getting in line at about 10:30pm.  I have to say, though, that WalMart really should have had more than ONE speedy checkout open!  However, I only ended up waiting in line for 15 minutes before it was my turn.  I was shocked!  I thought for sure 30min minimum.

Arrived home without incident and decided it was now too late to get into anything (11:15pm).  So, I called it a night, and will start bright and early tomorrow morning!

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