Monday, December 13, 2010

Pant - pant - pant.................

That's what I heard most of yesterday.  Why is that?  I was baking dog and cat treats all day.  My dog quickly figured out that he was getting to taste test what was getting baked.  He was a very happy, and good, dog all day!  Not that he isn't a good dog anyway, lol. 

Judging by his expressions and the look in his eyes after eating one (anyone with a dog knows what I mean), he loved all of them.  Oddly, he seemed to like the cat treats the most, lol. 

I made the following dog treats:
Bacon Balls (bacon fat was among the ingredients)
Peanut Butter and Honey Dog Treats
Pumpkin Dog Treats (soft treats made with pureed pumpkin)
Soft Doggie Cookies (made with jarred beef baby food)
Kitty Treats (made with chicken broth)

There are a lot of treats in my refrigerator right now!  I made the Bacon Balls last year and they were more like bacon blobs (I think I used the wrong flour, or my bacon fat was liquid instead of semi-solid), and it didn't make many, so I made a double batch..........I have an entire gallon size ziplock bag FULL of them!  Guess one batch would have been plenty, lol.

The PB & Honey treats I ended up making four batches - two just didn't look like enough treats.  I made two batches of the Soft Doggie Cookies, and one batch of the pumpkin.  The pumpkin and the soft cookies I actually used a piping bag and big star cupcake tip to squeeze out - MUCH easier than using spoons like I did last year!  I made two batches of the Kitty treats also I believe.  I was making so much, I kind of lost track of how much I was making. 

I am also planning on dipping Milk Bones into carob and yogurt coating that I purchased, and decorating them with some crushed up colored bones and such.

Believe it or not, that was all finished by like 6 o'clock.  After eating, there wasn't enough time to make and bake cookies (plus, the butter wasn't softened), so rather than wasting the night, decided to make up the caramel and chocolate caramels.  Made both batches and poured them into 9x13 pans to cool, ate dinner, and by them it was almost 11pm, so I called it a night. 


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