Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cookies, cookies, and more cookies!

Today I finished up baking the rest of the cookies.  I got a late start, since I had an appointment this morning.  For some reason, I was completely exhausted by the time I was done!  I baked up the Orange Snaps that had been in the fridge since yesterday (was too tired last night to bake them), and mixed up and baked what were supposed to be Cherry Bomb cookies.

I say 'supposed to be' cause that's not what they ended up.  The premise of the cookie was to take 'a little bit' of cookie dough and wrap it around a maraschino cherry (with it's stem sticking out), then bake them.  Well.......I tried a few and realized very quickly I did not have the patience for that.  So then I thought I'd roll them in a ball and push a quarter cherry into the top.  That didn't work out all that well either.  So I ended up chopping up a bunch of maraschino cherries (sans stems) and mixing them into the dough BY HAND.  Yes...with my actual hand. was pretty gross.  No...I don't plan on doing that again!

I started rolling them in balls, but they were a pain to do that.  So I put the dough in one of my piping bags (same one from yesterday) and piped out the cookies.  That went sooooo much better!   They came out really cute too, once they were baked.

Here they are:

Here are the Orange Snaps:
I forgot to take the pic while they were still
on the cooling rack

After the cookies were baked and packaged up, I finally got around to cutting the caramels and wrapping them.  I have waited to cut them until I had the time to wrap them, otherwise they will just stick back together again.  I cut all of the regular caramels and started wrapping them.  I had silver foil, red foil, gold foil and silver with holly leaves on it.  So I chose the holly leaves and started wrapping.  I counted the caramel as I was cutting them and realized that I had way more caramels than wrapping foil, lol.  So, I wrapped them in the silver foil with holly leaves, and finished with the plain silver.  I am going to head out to the store tomorrow and buy more of the red foil to wrap the chocolate caramels with.

Here are the caramels:

and here they are after being wrapped and bagged up:

Tomorrow's plan is to get all the cake truffles dipped, chocolate caramels cut and wrapped, and hopefully the dog bones dipped also.  Then Thursday I would like to get all the baskets made up.  I may decide to make peanut brittle also, but that's pretty fast to do.  I still have to make the cocoa cones and a cake and cupcakes for Saturday.  Sometimes there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day!

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