Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cake Truffles

Today was cake truffle dipping day!  Since I had to find all the supplies for dipping the cake truffles (and because I slept late and was lazy, lol) I didn't get started until about 2pm today.  I was able to get six of the ten flavors dipped today!  For some reason, there's only pictures of three of them however, lol.  I'll have to find out what happened to the other three pics and post them tomorrow. 

Since I had four flavors that were getting dipped into white chocolate, I started with those:

Spice cake with White Chocolate coating

Lemon cake with White Chocolate coating

Orange cake with White Chocolate coating (Creamsicle)

I decided to use colored non-pariel's to designate the different flavors of the cake inside.  I purchased red and green ones (for raspberry and mint, respectively), but didn't think about the other flavors when I was in the store.  Fortunately I had white ones, so I used some petal dust and lemon extract and colored them the colors I needed (orange and yellow)!

As I mentioned, before I started, I had to find my supplies.  The only thing I couldn't find were the small candy cups (mine were different holiday prints) that I had purchased the day after Thanksgiving (yes, I'm crazy!).  I called my best friend (we went shopping together) and the bag was not in her house, so I figure they'll turn up eventually.  Probably right after I give out all my gifts, lol.  While looking, however, I came across a bunch of candy cups that have holly prints on them (and match the boxes I have!), so I will use those and the others can be saved for next year.  It always seems that my things are hiding on me! 

Since I am a HUGE Survivor fan, I had to watch it tonight (finale is on Sunday!), but didn't want to take the time to watch it and do nothing.  I still had to cut and wrap my chocolate caramels, so I cut them before the show started, and wrapped them in foil squares while I was watching.

They don't look it, but they are the chocolate caramels!  They filled the better part of a gallon zip top bag!

Tomorrow I am planning to finish up dipping the rest of the truffles, make peanut brittle (because I don't have enough to do!), dip some dog bones into carob and yogurt coating, make cocoa cones and package up all the treats for the weekend.  Friday I have to bake and decorate a cake and cupcakes for Saturday.

A friend's family goes caroling every year, the Saturday before Christmas, and for the last few years I've been going with them.  It's a little corny, but it's tons of fun!   Where we go, there is a Senior Center that we go in and sing for, and I have been bringing cupcakes for them to enjoy.  I always make the time to make them, because I think they'd be disappointed if I didn't bring them, lol.

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