Friday, December 17, 2010

It never ends........

......getting ready for Christmas, that is!  I was able to finish dipping the rest of the cake truffles today.  I also dipped the dog bones, one side into carob the other into a yogurt coating.  Then I bagged up the cookies, caramels, boxed up the cake truffles, bagged up the dog and kitty treats, made some cocoa cones, put a few baskets together (I need them for this weekend).

On to the pictures!!!!!!!!

Orange cake with dark
chocolate coating

 Yellow cake with milk chocolate coating

Chocolate cake with mint dark chocolate coating

  Chocolate cake with peanut butter coating

Butter pecan cake with
butterscotch coating

I then packaged up dog treats: bacon balls (gingerbread man), honey peanut butter treats (tree in the back), soft pumpkin treats and soft beef treats (small bag with presents on it), dipped Milk Bones (carob and yogurt), and yogurt bark (with sprinkles!)

They were packaged into a cute plastic container:

Then I packaged up chicken flavored kitty treats in these cute containers!

After I was done with all the pet treats, I packaged up the cake truffles into boxes and tubs:
There is no picture of the boxes, since the one I took ended up very blurry!

I also packed up a couple of the baskets, but put them in the car before remembering to take a picture.  There will be more next week, and I'll be sure to take pictures of them!

Tomorrow is baking cupcakes and cakes, and decorating them both. 

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