Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Treats

It is Christmastime - Yeah!!!  I love Christmas, it's my favorite holiday of the year.  I also love making Christmas treats.  For a few years, I've been giving them as Christmas gifts, and the recipients all seem to enjoy them! might be wondering....what kind of treats am I making?  Probably too many, lol!  Here is the list that I have come up with so far, hopefully I won't be adding any more - I seem to be running out of time to make them (eek!):
  * Cake Truffles - I am planning 10 different flavors of these.  They seem to be a love'em or hate'em kind of treat.  Most people I know love them, but there are a few that don't like them.  That's fine with me, and I do buy a gift for those that don't like them :)
  * Caramel Apples - These may get nixed.  I did a trial run of them, and it was ok, but I wasn't all that impressed with them.
  * Caramel Candies - These are stupendously delicious!!
  * Chocolate Caramel Candies - Haven't made these before, but how can chocolate and caramel be bad together?
  * Cocoa Cones - Assorted flavors
  * Rocher's - My first time trying to replicate a store-bought confection!
  * Cookies - Right now I think about 6 different varieties....this could change depending on time constraints however!

I also have a friend who's son is on a Gluten Free Casein Free diet.  I will be making him his very own cake truffles and peanut butter cookies.  

Last but not least - PETS!!  Can't leave them out, they love homemade treats too!  It was an experiment last year, and it seemed to go over VERY well!
  * Peanut Butter Honey Dog Treats
  * Bacon Balls - last years turned out to be bacon blobs, but I think I used the wrong flour, lol.  My dog did not complain about the taste!
  * Pumpkin Dog Treats
  * Dipped Dog Bones - store bought bones dipped in carob coating and yogurt coating
  * Soft Doggie Treats - a few friend's dogs have trouble eating hard crunchy treats, and I didn't want to leave them out
  * Cake Truffles - these may or may not get done....I found a recipe for Doggy Cake, and had the idea, lol
  * Kitty Treats - since many friends seem to have cats!

So far, I have 8 of the cake flavors baked for the cake truffles.  I have 2 more left to bake tomorrow.  No pictures yet, but perhaps I will remember to take some while in the process of making the truffles tomorrow!  Then again.....maybe not....don't want to give out ALL my secrets, lol

I will post pictures along the way, however.  I just haven't taken any yet.


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