Sunday, April 4, 2010

Best laid plans.......................

Sorry I have been MIA for a while......had a cake meeting last weekend and kinda been taking it easy since then.

So, I have an Easter cake I'm doing for tomorrow.  Lemon cake with buttercream filling and fondant covered.  All was going well.....baked the cakes on Thursday night, leveled them today, made the icing, filled and crumb coated the cake.  Then took out the new bucked of Fondx fondant that I bought a few weeks ago at the National Capital Area Cake Show.  Opening a tub of fondant seems easy enough, doesn't it?  That's what I thought too - until I tried to open it!  You see, there ARE instructions on the top of it....however they really aren't that clear (at least to me they weren't).  "To Open Break At Openings" or something like that.......except I couldn't find any openings!!! 

 Can YOU read the instructions on the cover (pic at left)????  They weren't much easier to read in person!

So, rather than flip out completely, I called a friend of mine that uses Fondx, and asked her how to open the damn thing.  Once she told me, it was sooooooooo easy, lol!    Apparently there were little 'notches' around the cover, you had to break through these to release the tension on the cover so you could open it.  There were six of them, and the breaking and entering went pretty smoothly.

Ok, that fiasco is over with.  I weigh out my fondant, roll it out and cover the cake without incident (shocking - I know!).  I put my favorite border around it (Loooooooove tip #199).  There is no other decoration on it as of yet because I WAS planning on using my new airbrush to have some fun with it (note I said WAS).  So, I open up the airbrush kit that I bought in VA at the cake show a few weeks ago.  Hook it all up and NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING happened.  After taking apart the airbrush gun, I realized the hose still had kinks in it from being packaged up.  Ok, so I unkink the hose and there is air flowing to the gun - Yeah!!! there's air flowing to the gun and also out the end - without the trigger being pressed.  Yeah......not good, that's not supposed to happen.  I figure, oh well, we'll see what happens and put a few drops of airbrush color into the cup.  Press the trigger and nada, ziltch, nothing happens.  NO color is coming out of my airbrush.  I ended up cleaning it out best I could (unscrewing EVERYTHING) to make sure no color is trapped inside and going to gum it up or something.  I went on my favorite cake decorating website (Cake Central) and asked for help from anyone that might have the same issues.

So, here my cake sits.  Very white looking, and I'm trying to figure out what to do on it.  I took a break for lunch to write this and think about the cake.  I might try handpainting some Easter-y things on it.  We'll see.

Well, I ended up going shopping with Janet.  Then more shopping and finally dinner (Outback - Yum!!!!!)

We also brainstormed about my cake.  Have I mentioned she's my awesomest (yeah, I know, it's not a real word) idea person ever!  What ideas did we come up with???  You'll have to wait for my next post to find out (hahahaha!).

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