Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Little Distraction and Humor

I got a few hours work done on my flowers today.  I finished the 38 that I had left, and also started dusting the ones that are done.  I picked a very nice blue and went at it.  I suspect I'm going to have to go buy more of it before the flowers are done.  I got about 180 dusted, and only broke 15 of them.  I know I know......that that great, but you have to be positive sometimes, lol.   I also realized I have about 80 extra flowers, so here's hoping there's some left to decorate the table with!  There are no pictures tonight, simply because I forgot to take them and I'm too lazy to go do it now, lol.

Instead I thought I'd tell you all about a favorite website of mine:   It is absolutely fabulous!  Also amazing to know that the creations on this site are actually sold!!  (and more shocking - people pay money for them!)

A few months ago, one of their posts linked to a pretty funny song that I believe was made by a loyal blog reader.  It took the Lazy Town (from Nickelodeon) song "Cookin' by the Book" and spoofed it with "Wreckin' by the Book".  Here are the links to both songs:

Nickelodeon's Lazy Town "Cooking by the Book"

Cakewreck's "Wreckin' by the Book"

The songs have a surprisingly catchy tune which I was shocked to realize I was singing to myself the other day!!

Enjoy the videos!!!  I'll have pictures of the flowers tomorrow for you!

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