Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saying Good-Bye to Cakes Gone Bye

Ok, so the title is a little quirky but it's the best I could think of, lol.   It's been over a week I think since I last posted.  You'd THINK I was too busy with my cakes for the cake show coming up in Maryland on MAY 1ST, wouldn't you???  Well, no such luck, lol, just been lazy and trying to get motivated to start them.  I know I know.....I need to get my butt moving if I'm going to have cakes to bring to the show.  I leave two weeks from Friday, that means I have 16 DAYS (holy crap!!! it seemed like longer!!) to get a 3 tier wedding cake done and a Lambeth style cake done (a lot like that one I posted a few weeks back from a class I took).

So today, rather than actually starting on the cakes, I decided to straighten up the mountains of cake stuff that is threatening to take over the house.  I started with deciding to purge some old competition cakes.   I had a dilemma, however, on how to decide what to purge.  I needed a "set of rules" so-to-speak, rather than arbitrarily deciding what to keep and what to toss.  I just can't do arbitrary, lol.  After much thought I decided to keep only the cakes that I have won a trophy for.  It cut waaaaaaaay down on the number of cakes to store!!  I am keeping 2 out of 9 or so cakes.  There are some gumpaste flower arrangements that I've done, and all of those I'm keeping.  They are too pretty, and I can always pot them as decorations if I choose too. 

How do you purge cakes you might be asking yourself.....well, it's pretty simple really.  There are two ways:  tossing in the trash (which just seems wrong, lol) and melting the fondant off (added benefit of being able to reuse the dummies).  I chose to melt the fondant off.  In the shower.  It actually worked fantastically!  I put the water almost as hot as it would go, put 2-3 cakes in the tub and turned the shower on.  In about 20 minutes or so most of the fondant had been melted off and it took very little effort to take the rest off.  It wasn't quick though, lol.  I got 9 dummies uncovered in about 3 hours.  I still have 6 or 7 left to do tomorrow.

So that was my fun this evening.  I plan to finish them up tomorrow, and hopefully get started on the cakes on Thursday!

Did you straighten or clean something today?

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