Monday, April 26, 2010

Trees, Trees, Trees.......................

This cake is slowly but surely coming along..............just not quick enough, lol.

I had some errands to run today for the cake, and by the time I got home I just had no motivation to work in the cake (big surprise, huh?).  I had to get rosemary for the trees and ended up going to Home Depot (didn't think it was a cake store, did you????) also (hey, they're almost next door to each other) and got a length of PVC pipe to be able to move fondant into bigger cakes, and also one to transport the table cloth for the competition (to lessen the amount of ironing/steaming that will be necessary once I get there.

I had to buy a 10ft length of PVC pipe, and the helpful people at Home Depot cut it for me.  I had them cut it into a 5ft length and two 2.5ft lengths.  One of the 2.5ft lengths is for moving the fondant, the 5ft length is for transporting the table cloth, and the leftover 2.5ft length is just that - leftover, lol.

I also bought a roll of non-skid shelf liner.  I cut it to length and covered the 5ft pipe with it, so that the tablecloth will not slide off of it during the drive to MD.  I also purchased 10ft of chain and a few clips so that I could hang the 5ft length of pipe along the inside of the car.

I did work on my trees today, after getting back from the store.  I got them all finished (yeah!!) and used 1/3rd of the rosemary that I bought at the store, lol.  I purchased 9 packages, hoping they would be enough for the three trees.  I ended up using one package per tree.

It was interesting putting the rosemary on the trees.  I used floral tape to secure the rosemary sprigs onto the branches I had previously made.  In retro-spect, it would have been better to cover the branches and THEN attach them to the trees.  But, since I did not have enough brown floral tape to take the branches off and re-attach them, I made do with what I had, lol.

I think they turned out pretty fantastic!

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