Friday, April 23, 2010

They are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The flowers, not the cake, lol!

I finished dusting the flowers from yesterday, and also dusted the ones that I put on wires.  Here are some before and after dusting pictures.

It always amazes me how much life the flowers take on after being dusted!!

After dusting them all, I pearl dusted them (much quicker process, lol) and steamed them to give them a glossy sheen.  Here are some before and after steaming pictures.

I then made some royal icing to pipe the flower centers with.  I used a little more water than the recipe called for, and got a marshmallow-like consistency.  I then colored part of it yellow using Lemon Yellow and Egg Yellow from Americolor (my favorite colorings by the way!).  After coloring the icing, I filled a piping bag and started to pipe centers on the flowers.

Then noticed that all my centers had points.  So, I took a damp paint brush to brush away the point.  However, when the center dried there was a depression in it.  Well, that's not good!  Having to choose between points or depressions was a viable option here.  So, I emptied my piping bag back into the container with my yellow icing, and thinned it down almost to run-sugar consistency.  I thinned it until it just 'melted' back into itself.

Made a new piping bag, filled it and tried piping centers.  They came out great!  The points 'melted' back into themselves just as I wanted.  Yeah!!!!  So, I proceeded to pipe the centers on all 450ish flowers.  It went surprisingly fast. 

After piping all the centers, I pearl dusted them, then steamed them.  Let me tell you - steaming flowers that are in formers and NOT on wires is no easy feat!  There's a fine line between tilting the formers enough to get the steam to hit the flowers and the flowers to not fall out and break.  Also tilting the steamer enough to head the steam to the flowers and not let droplets of water to fall on the flowers and melt them.  Let's just say there were a few casualties in the process, lol.  Here's what they looked like after steaming:

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