Monday, April 26, 2010


However you pronounce it (technically I don't think there's a right and wrong, though I have my preference), it can be a royal pain in the *** sometimes!!!  When it cooperates, it's absolutely wonderful.  When it doesn't, you want to through it across the kitchen (at least I do)!!

Can you guess what I was working on today?  That's right.......covering oodles of cake dummies in fondant, along with cake boards.

I decided to start with the largest items first.  In this case, it was the cake boards.  Since covering cake boards in fondant isn't fun enough, I decided that this particular design requires the fondant to be wrapped over the edge of the cake board, rather than being cut off at the top of board as normal.  Let me just say, this sounded like a good reality, not so much.  I managed without getting too upset with the fondant.

I did decide, though, that I really need to go buy a 28" pvc pipe or so from Home Depot for lifting the fondant into these large boards and cakes.  The rolling pin I have is 20" long, metal and covered in silicone (love it!).  It's absolutely awesome for rolling out fondant, but trying to then pick up that fondant with the rolling pin is kind of tough when the fondant is 26" wide and your rolling pin is 20".  I ended up having to lay the cake board (coated in piping gel) upside down onto the fondant, and then flipping the mat, fondant and board over all at once.  Yes, it's as scary as it sounds.  Yes, I had help.  I had to do this with all three cake boards.

Covering the cakes proved to be a little easier.  At least I was able to lift the fondant onto the cakes.  I covered a total of three cake boards (20", 22" and 24") and three cakes (16", 12" and 11").  I attempted to also cover a 6" cake for a class that I am taking while at the cake show.  Notice I said ATTEMPTED......twice, and each time the fondant ripped while putting it on the cake (it was getting kind of dry I think).  Usually, cakes for classes come out perfect, lol.  So, I kneaded a whole lot of Crisco into the fondant and put it in a zip-lock bag for the night.  Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

Here are the cake boards and cakes that I did get covered in fondant.  There are some flaws in the fondant, but hopefully they'll be hidden when I'm done, lol.

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