Friday, April 23, 2010

When It Rains It Pours

No, not the weather (although it was storming pretty good today).  Distractions and delays - ugh!!

Realized last night, that the blue petal dust I've been using to dust the Forget-Me-Not's isn't enough to finish them all.  So, made the decision to head off to a local cake supply store to get some more this morning. 

Started this morning by getting up early, having some breakfast, and doing some much-needed duties for the cake group I belong too.  Then jumped in the shower real quick, then called the store to see if they had the color I needed.  The store is an hour away, which I have no problem with, just don't like to drive out there for no reason.  I called and they had the color in stock that I needed (Yay!)

I got ready and left.  Took me about an hour or so to get there.  It was nice and sunny when I left my house.  On my way there, it started getting real dark outside.  Then it started thundering and lighting and pouring rain.  Well, I finally got to the street the store is on, and noticed that there is a cop directing traffic instead of the traffic light.  I don't think too much about it, until I pull up to the store and everything is black.  Then it dawns on me, the storm must have knocked the power out.  I waited for a little bit to see if the power would come back (the storm seemed to be clearing up a bit).  I finally gave up and headed back home.

Now I'm freaking out, because I don't know where else to get this color from.  I start calling everyone in the area that I know, and have a phone number for.  I finally get a hold of a lady that lives down the street from me who has a similar color to what I was using.  So, I stop at her house to look at it.  It seemed the right shade, so I told her I'd replace it for her, and headed home.

I had a little bit of the original color on my work surface, so I finished dusting a few flowers with it.  Then decided the colors looked similar enough that if I mixed them, it'd look the same.  So I mixed them, then dusted a flower with it.  They were not the same color.

Now at this point I could have freaked out, because I mixed ALL the new color and ALL of what I had leftover of the original color.  Instead of freaking out, I started thinking if having two different colors would be ok.  These flowers are for the edge of the cake boards, and since there are three cake boards I originally thought I would do the darker color on one board and the lighter color on the other two.  I called Janet for her opinion, and we decided it would look nicer to have three different shades, one on each cake board.  So, I dusted enough of the medium color for the middle cake board, and mixed some corn starch into the new color to lighten it up some.  I tested it on one of the flowers, and had to add more corn starch to produce the contract in colors that I wanted.  The lighter color was perfect and I started dusting the flowers for the third cake board.  I have 70 flowers left to dust then the centers can be piped and they can be pearl-dusted and steamed.

While dusting flowers, I happened to move a stack of already-dusted flowers and noticed that the face cloth they were sitting on had blue dots all over it (this should have been clue #1 that something was wrong). 


I was looking at the trays of flowers and noticed that the bottom one had holes in the center of all the flowers (clue #2).

It took a few seconds, but I managed to put it all together (do you see where this is heading?).........I put the try of dried dusted flowers on top of a WET facecloth last night.  Of course it was dry by today......but not before melting holes in 25 of the 30 flowers in the tray.  So now, I don't have many extra flowers, and have to be very careful not to break anymore of them.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes better!

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